This is a sampling of the over 300 images I have created involving the Williamsburg Savings Bank Building, now known as One Hanson.  It is my touchstone, my Mt. Fuji, a constant in the blur that is contemporary Brooklyn.  I look for it, and find it, wherever I go in the city. 

6A, Rose Morning

F Train 1

3rd Avenue 1

Gowanus, Cone

F Elevated 1

Bell Terrace

Lafayette, Morning

Green-Wood 3

Brooklyn Bridge 1

East River 8 

BQE, Late Afternoon


Pat’s View 1

Pat’s View 2

Pat’s View 3

Methodist View, Winter

Dime, Afternoon

Dime, Late Afternoon

Dime, Pre-Dawn

Dime, Storm

Kentile 2

Kentile 3

Kentile 6

Kentile 1

7:50 am

2:25 pm

Fulton, Storm 3

East River Storm 1

East River Panorama 1

Flushing West Panorama


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